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Our Services to You

Management Consultancy

Not sure how to improve your business and it's processes?  Feel there is value not being realised?  We can help find innovative solutions to your problems and add value.

Risk and Governance

Are you sure you know know of all the risks to your business?  A great start is to have an independent Risk Diagnostic undertaken and we can do that for you, providing improvements to better manage your Risk and Exposures.

Business and Corporate Advisory

Is your Business, Board or Management Team operating effectively, or as good as it could?  We can help identify improvements to your Board, Executive Functions and Business Performance to improve Business outcomes, Governance and Delivery.

Operations Improvement

Mining and Commodity Sales Operations can be very complex.  Sometimes the commercial impacts on other processes can be overlooked.  We know how important the supporting functions are to the operation's success.

Innovative Project Management

Using Agile and Design Thinking methodologies, we execute project delivery whilst developing your team.  Coaching and Mentoring them through the process to become better leaders and greater innovators.

Expert Advisory - Commodities

Undertaking a new venture in Mining and Commodities?  Investing in a New Business perhaps or just looking to improve a current one?  We can provide Expert Mining Commerical advice to help your decision making.

How we help you.



People are critical to  your Success.  

They are the Life Blood of your Organisation and  need to be part of the Journey for any successful change.  People within the Organisation are an untapped resource for solutions, people just need to be engaged and encouraged.  We work collaboratively with your team, to understand their pain points, ideas, potential and gaps in attaining success. 

Training, Development and Leadership  Coaching can also be provided to see your people be the best they can be.



We help clients identify risks to their business, some they have never before considered, and implement solutions to manage this exposure.  

We give Executive Management and Company Boards comfort that there are adequate controls in place to manage these risks through clear, comprehensive and monitored controls.  Finding the balance between flexibility and control is something at which we have been successful. 



There are a plethora of Systems and Digital Technology available to Businesses today.  It can be overwhelming in deciding what is best for your business.  

We have developed a network of successful systems applicable to components of the Value Chain.  We are constantly engaging with Start-Ups and new Technology to ensure we are able to offer you connections to the most suitable system for your needs.  We don't develop systems and digital technology, we leave that to the experts, but we know who they are to help you.

DB3 Advisory Model for Sustainable, Resilient Value

People. Process. Systems.
DB3 Business Advisory and Management Consultant